Welcome to Grayson Cellars

When we first started Grayson Cellars we asked our winemaker to search throughout California's finest growing regions for the best grapes. We then made several small lots of handcrafted wines and gave each a lot number. We continue that tradition today with lot numbers for each wine.

Our wines are found in leading independent retailers and restaurants throughout the US and in 35 countries across the globe. We genearlly focus on family-owned restaurants and retailers rather than large, chain retailers where mass-marketed, mega-brands live. For 20 straight years Grayson has received Best Buy ratings from leading wine critics. We believe in consistently delivering great value wines to consumers year after year.

My wife, Kathleen, and I started the company in 2003 and continue to run it today with the help of our 2 sons.

We hope you enjoy our wines with your friends and family.

Mike O'Connell